Science Year 5: Scientific Skills

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Scientific Skills

1. Scientific skills are skills that practiced when conducting an experiment or investigation
2. Scientific skills consist of SCIENCE PROCESS SKILLS and MANIPULATIVE SKILLS

Science Process Skill

1. Observing
2. Making inferences
3. Measuring and using numbers
4. Using the relationship of space and time
5. Making hypotheses
6. Interpreting data
7. Predicting
8. Experimenting
9. Classifying
10. Controlling variables
11. Defining operationally
12. Communicating

Manipulative Skills

1. Manipulative skills are practiced simultaneously when conducting any science activities such as experiments and field work

2. Manipulative skills are psycho motor skills which enable any science activities to be carried out efficiently and accurately.

3. Manipulative skills are

a) Using and handling apparatus and substances correctly
b) Handling specimens correctly and carefully
c) Sketching specimens, apparatus and substances correctly
d) Cleaning science apparatus correctly
e) Keeping apparatus and science substances correctly and safely

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