Human Teeth

The teeth are the hardest substances in the human body. Besides being essential for chewing, the teeth play an important role in speech.

#this notes is suitable for DLP Class Year 3

Types of teeth

1. incisors
2. canines
3. molars

Functions of teeth

1. incisors - to cut the foods
2. canines - to tear the foods
3. molars - to break and grind the foods

Set of teeth

1. milk teeth
2. permanent teeth

Structure of teeth

Differences between milk teeth and permanent teeth

*Life expectancy = Life Span

Foods that good to our teeth

1. milk
2. fish
3. fruits
4. vegetables

Foods that bad for our teeth

1. ice cream
2. cotton sugar
3. sweet or candy
4. cakes
5. carbonated  drinks

Ways to prevents teeth from decay

1. brushing the teeth 2 or 3 times every day
2. using floss to remove dirts
3. rinse our mouth after eat
4. appointment with dentist every 6 months

Lets answer these questions:

1. Why are your teeth an important part of your body?
2. What’s a cavity? Have you ever had one? Name ways to avoid getting a cavity.
3. How often should you visit a dentist?
4. What are the causes of bad breath? How can you prevent bad breath?
5. What kinds of foods are bad for your teeth? What foods are good for your teeth?
6. What are taste buds? How do they work?

Prepared by Huzaini Ismail

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