[Info Sains] What kind of animals live on both land and water?

Amphibians are the animals with back bones that live both on land a s well as in water. they depend on land for their food and on water for breeding. the fenale lays eggs in water, fertilized by male’s sperms released in quick succession to the eggs. tadepoles hatcg from eggs after incubation period and saty in water for a difinite period. they metamorphose to adults in a few months.

The tadepoles have special structures called “gills” used for respiration. the adults respires through lungs on land and through moust skin in water. Thus the amphibia exhibits pulmocutaneous respiration.

Some amphibia have tails e.g. salamanders, newt, necteres and mudskippers. Some are tailless e.g. frogs and toads. Their body is divided into head, trunk and tail, neck being absent. The fore and hind limbs are modified for gliding in water, the toes being equiped with webs. The hind limbs are used for jumping and hopping on land.

Types of animals that live both land and water is

1. Salamanders

2. Newts

3. Mudskippers

4. Frogs

5. Toads

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